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Now receive news and events notifications from BAMCEF on the single tap with the Mulnivasi Ka Bharat app. This mobile application will help the organization in terms of proper co-ordination among cadres throughout the country and reaching up to maximum population of mulnivasi within and outside the country.


• Message Circulation: An office bearer may circulate a message in the district, state or to the whole country depending upon level of responsibility and such massage will automatically circulate into the mobile of all those mulnivasi who have installed this application into their mobile phone. For example if any massage is been sent by our national coordinator, such massage will be automatically circulated throughout the country.

• Removal of drawback of Whatsapp: Whatsapp has a big drawback in term of limitation of adding only 256 contacts in a group. This means to coup with a population of say 4 lakhs of a city a minimum of 1563 group of whats app has to be created which is a job of much difficulties but this Mobile app i.e. “Mulnivasi Ka Bharat” is sufficient to accommodate the population of whole country.

• One way communication: it has been seen that many unnecessary massage and pictures are been posted in whatsap group but this application have one way communication which shall avoid all unnecessary posts.

• Notification: A mulnivasi will get updates of all the upcoming events and programs throughout the country.

• Books and publications: This app contains the softcopy of all the books and journals published by BAMCEF publication.

• Video and audio: All the speeches or press conference or statement of office bearer will be available in this application in audio or video mode.

• Introduction: A user can understand what BAMCEF is, its mission, its limitations etc.

• Contact Information: Containsall the regional offices along with address and phone number.

• Offshoot Organization: Contains information about all the offshoot organization off BAMCEF along with the name and phone number of all office bearer.

• Secretariat: A user can get contact information of all the national level , state level and district level responsible in India.

• Mahapurush of BAMCEF: Name along with image and short introduction of all Mulnivasimahapurush will be displayed.

• Image Gallery: This app contains the feature to upload images to the image gallery of the application.
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