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Rebellion Murottall Al Quran Muzammil Hasballah Melodious, rebellious murottal juz 30 touching the soul, reassuring.

Murottall Al Quran Muzammil Hasballah Merdu

Listen to Muzammil Hasballah's beautiful voice. MasyaAllah merdunya juz amma well mannered. Muslim and Muslim women can listen to Muzammil's offline gossip, regardless of Internet quota.

Short profile
Muzammil Hasballah was born in Sigli on 21 September 1993 in Paya Tijue Village, Gampong Lhang Neighborhood, Pidie Sub-district. He was the youngest of three brothers of the pair Drs H Hasballah Usman (late) and Dra Hj Hasnidar Sulaiman. Her father was the last time Head High School in Pidie. While the mother of teachers Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) who is now also retired.

Hasnidar, the mother implements discipline from an early age, for all her children. If there's a math homework, he does it with his dad. If the other PR about religion he did with the mother who teachers at MAN.

Thanks to that discipline and hard work, Muzammil not only succeeded in obtaining an architectural scholar from a prominent campus in the country, but also succeeded in attracting many parties to hear his voice in reciting the holy verses of the Qur'an

Muzammil has two brothers. Oldest sister, Anna Sofya who was born October 17, 1987 and now works. His brother Muhammad Hanif is now pursuing a master's program in China.

Since childhood Muzammil is very disciplined with time. Muzammil very understanding and discipline in keeping time let alone day mengajinya. At the age of 4 years Muzammil had learned to study. When it was still kindergarten (kindergarten) he was finished / finished reading iqra. So when entering MIN Tijue, Muzammil was able to read the Koran.

Since childhood Muzammil appear as it is. Just like any other child in his age, he also likes to play in the rice fields like looking for dragonflies in the fields which he then brought home.

After finishing MIN, Muzammil continued his education to SMP YPPU Sigli and then entered SMA 10 Fajar Harapan in Banda Aceh. Since MIN, SMP, and SMA Muzammil always be the first winner and get the overall champion.

Even one day when Muzammil was still at MIN, an ustaz told his mother that Muzammil was very clever in his recitation and his voice was melodious. So Muzammil then studied at Ulumul Quran Madrasah (MUQ) in Tijue.

In the afternoon he attended YPPU Sigli Junior High School, while he was studying at MUQ. So continuous until finally he was never separated from memorizing the Qur'an.

Achievement was first achieved when the class V MIN participated in MTQ which then only won the hope. Then he took a few times tahfiz race is not remembered anymore. There are champion II tahfiz 10 juz in 2008.

Advantages Applications Muratallic Al Quran Muzammil Hasballah Merdu this:
- Hundreds of melodious murottal collections
- Murotal Juz Amma Muzammil Hasballah can be opened without internet connection
- Clear sound HD quality
- Thousands of free Islamic contents
- Murottal can be set to alarm, ring tone, etc.
- Easy to share through social media
- Lightweight app, latest anti lag technology
- Still not enough? there is a request feature in the application

This app is highly recommended for children and adults who want to listen to the beautiful murottal Muzammil. Raising entertaining verses.

This application is very practical for all of you looking for applications Muzammil hasballah juz 30, juz 30 muzammil hasballah, muzammil hasballah juz 30, juz amma muzammil hasballah.

Please tell other Muslim brothers to listen to Juz 30 or juz amma using this murottal application.
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