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Mushroom - Mushroom soup and recipes

Mushroom soup is an cooking app that offer you mushroom identification and cooking soups

Are you FAN of mushroom? have you already cook mushroom soup or simple recipe?do you benefit of mushroom?did you tell that one day you should know about mushroom identification?
Mushroom soup and recipes is FREE for you!

We've collected more much mushrooms pictures that show you the identification mushroom and the healthy way to take it by the simple sooking of mushroom soup

Mushroom soup and recipes is your personal assistant in the woods. It contains information about fungus parameters, the places of growth, hunting time, information about the edibility, as well as lots of other useful information.

We offer to you a lot of tasty soup recipes: chicken soup recipes, beef soup recipes, pork soup recipes, fish soup recipes, potato soup recipes, tomato soup recipes, hot soup recipes, cold soups, meat soups, vegetable soup, cream soups recipes, soups in Crock pot and other yummy soup recipes!

You are facing currently the best mushroom book available, where mushroom picking is part of tradition and culture of a lot of countries like Unites states, Poland, Sweden, UK and others.

Mushroom soup and recipes is an easy to use app that has a unique design which will make your device even more beautiful. The included identification of mushrooms are concise what make them easy to assume without unnecessary information that you will never need.

It allows you to automatically determine the species of a mushroom from an image! It's so simple, just take a picture with the application, and Mushroom soup and recipes will define your image in seconds in order to show you the table of ingredient to cook your favorite mushroom soup!

You can find a recipe for your mood! There is simple searching in the app by the name or by the ingredients. Easy recipes using ingredients you already have in the kitchen. The majority of recipes we offer can be both prepared and cooked in 20 minutes or less, from start to finish

This amazing and delicious Mushroom soup and recipes will help you achieve both the goals of weight loss and healthy eating at one go. Being the world’s largest Mushroom soup and recipes App, you can be rest assured to find the best and easy to make broths and stews.

The app offers a lot of mushroom species - edible, conditionally edible, inedible and poisonous.

Some of the mushroom soup features:
• No Internet connection needed.
• Very friendly user interface.
• Ingredients and method of each mushroom soup or recipe.
• Brief descriptions of most common edible, inedible and poisonous mushrooms.
• Identification mushroom based on the specie characteristics.

each soup of these cooking soops represent the next chapter of the new update of our app:
🍜 Mushroom soup
🍜 Cream soup
🍜 Broccoli soup
🍜 Chicken Soup
🍜 Sweet potato soup
🍜 Tomato Soup
🍜 Squash soup
🍜 Corn soup
🍜 Vegetable soup
🍜 Potato soup
🍜 Sweet potato onion soup
🍜 Apple carrot soup
🍜 Pea soup
🍜 Shellfish soup
🍜 Fish chowder soup
🍜 Beef vegetable soup
🍜 Crab meat and tofu soup

Here a quick glimpse of some of the best soup recipes:

1. Mangosoep Met Limoenyoghurt.
2. Bloody Mary Soup Shots with Shrimp and Pickled Vegetables.
3. Crawfish Bisque.
4. Creamy Mushroom Bisque.
5. Tomato Bisque.
6. Creamy Vegetable Cheese Soup.
7. Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Crouton Bites.
8. Slow Cooker Corn Chowder.
9. Chicken Chowder with Potato, Bacon, and Corn.
10. Chunky Italian Soup.
11. Mexican Baked Beans.
12. Vegetarian Tortilla Soup.
13. Chicken-Peanut Soup.
14. Edamame Soup.
15. Homemade Chicken, Ranch and Rice Soup.
16. Miso Soup.
17. Tom Yum Goong Soup.
18. Gluten Free Cold Cucumber Soup.
19. Lentil Soup with Lemon Yogurt Cream.
20. Cream of Mushroom Soup.
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