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The best tower defence masterpiece - Music Defender - is here!
A young rock band is back in the city! But crazy fans are everywhere and they will do anything to destroy our band.

Are you ready to help them? To stop crazy fans attacking us sometimes led by tricky bosses? If yes then join us because without you we won’t stop them! Grab the instruments and defend our stage from being destroyed! Expand band members, upgrade our defense and attack, buy new skills, finish contracts with our manager and unlock dozens of achievements.

The brand new Music Defender is a musical tower defence like game that encourage player to be versatile killing monsters using special different skills with multiple scenes like parks, circus or even graveyard all of that with beautiful fun graphics completely for free!

Start from signing a contract with the best rock bands manager and start your adventure in the homepark. The Music Defender will force you to protect the scene from crazy ladies, fat guys and even babies attacking your castle! The first step into big world will be to fight against a techno fan playing his own music!

After first steps you will be allowed to face the circus enemies. Watch out clowns popping up from their vehicles, acrobatics throwing confetti and musclemans attacking your Tower. Keep your eyes wide open to face the magician avoiding your notes!

Let the manager surprise you, forcing your pop band to defend your castle in the night! Don’t be afraid of badasses attacking your tower. Chase the tramp and the graffiti man, don’t let the thugs attack you with their dogs! Don’t even think that the policeman will help you, even they police is throwing donuts at your stage!

Do you think that’s everything that the Music Defender can surprise you? Nothing could be more wrong! After the city journey your punk rock band manager signed a contract at the cemetery! Check the disgusting zombies and face the Dracula at the end!

End the tour and start playing the real impossible mode, where you will see what a real Tower Defence game is! Overgrown enemies, even more annoying bosses facing you and your band mates.

Through the game you will fin more and more features like flying bees and bats, stinking trump and the graffiti guy painting your screen!

*Smite the enemies with Thunder Cloud!
*Slow them down with the Nachos Rain!
*Clear the scene with Sonic Orb!
*Use the crowd diver and feel like a real rock star!
*Throw the autograph to enemies!
*Evoke the yamato drummer to deal a huge damage!
*Build the gates to make your stage stronger!

*More than 50 levels to explore and 4 completely different worlds
*Over 9 completely different special skills to use
*Dozens of achievements to unlock that will challenge you
*Different contracts to complete
*Daily quests and wheel of fortune!
*Gorgeous graphics!
*Gameplay like Castle Defender
*Awesome rock and pop music

*Hire new band mates!
*Create the waves with your drummer!
*Deal huge damage with your vocalist solo!
*Upgrade your stage defenses like health points or building protective gates
*Enhance your band's damage, critical shots or chances!
*Change your band's skins or even music that will accompany you the whole time
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