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My Little Black Shop is the newest unusual simulator of a fantastic forge. Despite the fact that this little game Blacksmith Shop is happy and cartoonish, in reality it is very realistic and funny. In the game about the forge will not be any dynamic gameplay and do not have to solve super complicated tasks. But if you were a child, you dreamed of being a blacksmith and making different metal products, then this game is just for you. After all, the game My Little Blacksmith Shop is completely devoted to the blacksmith's profession that is underestimated in computer games.
One of the oldest crafts is blacksmithing, but here we try to revive him and stay in the role of a severe blacksmith, the main character of the arcade game. In the game My Little Blacksmith Shop you have to perform many different tasks. First and foremost, you need to open your own store in which you will create, and sell a variety of weapons and uniforms for military purposes when as a blacksmith the game will make weapons want.
Then you need to get an order from the customer and start making it. But in order to create the right things you need to find or buy suitable raw materials or materials.
In this arcade games My Little Black Shop you will have to work a lot: it is to melt metal, cast weapons and various blanks from it, forge and harden ready products in water. And with each new update, you will have the opportunity to create new items in your site.
Then in the arcade game My Little Black Shop you need to sell your products, and you will act as a seller. You will be visited by potential customers, and you must provide them with all kinds of fake weapons and profitable to sell your goods, and to get the money for your money.
In the game Blacksmith Shop you have a lot of customers, customers - it's military, and artisans, and simple farmers. Each of them will have their own requests and definite terms for order fulfillment, which you need to take into account. If you fail to meet the deadlines or your order will be of low quality, you can not get any money at all or have a much smaller amount.
In the game Blacksmith Shop on android, there are a couple of leaves, which are written all the recommendations for the creation of weapons and shields. You must put them in a secluded place and not lose them. In order to get a tree you simply cut down the trees growing in the game.
There are mysterious glowing crystals in Little Blacksmith Shop that are in the most unexpected places on the map. In search of better to go at night, because at night clients sleep, and the crystals glow in the dark.
Colorful landscapes and graphics complement the lively enjoyment of the game. The game is alive with unusual themes and you will surely experience decently merry moments, and the store My Little Blacksmith makes it fun. I think, in order to relax at the end of the day in the game is worth playing around!
Download My Little Black Shop on android.
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