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Create a nutrition and workout plan using our easy-to-use planning wizard. Based on your body and your own personal goals, MyFitStatus builds a plan you can use as a starting point on your journey toward your fitness goals.

Easily track your workout details including exercises, sets, weight/reps, rest times, distance, super-sets, drop-sets, rest-pause sets, timed sets, and more. But, don't stop there! Track all of your body measurements and detailed nutrition intake to provide all the necessary data for you and the app to thoroughly assess your progress.

Charts and 1-touch features allow you to assess your progress with nutrition, strength, weight, and measurements. Let the MyFitAnalyst assess your data, making precise nutrition recommendations to keep you reaching your goals!

Setting a plan, tracking your data, assessing your progress and making adjustments when necessary ... these are the keys to reaching your fitness goals! The MyFitStatus app and its powerful, intelligent MyFitAnalyst takes the guesswork out so you can focus on eating right, training hard and transforming your fitness.

The MyFitStatus App was developed with fitness enthusiasts and professionals in mind. All of the features were developed, tested and experienced hands on, right in the gym. When something felt awkward or difficult to use, we changed it until it was just right. During every workout, notes were made and ideas were written down as we worked tirelessly with the goal being to develop the most powerful, flexible and easy to use app possible. Brainstorming and testing were not done at a desk, but rather, while bench pressing, deadlifting, sprinting, crunching ... tracking each workout along the way.

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