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Hibrid, changing the way we power.

myhibrid’s mission is to help your home energy on a whole new level. The myhibrid app is here to help you listen, understand, and change the way your home uses energy.


Energy Overview:
- Usage Breakdown - View the usage for each room/location inside and outside of your home.
- Monitor what is using power consumption in real-time, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
- Track how much energy is coming from your solar system.
- Cost Breakdown - Review monthly costs right in your dashboard.

Hibrid Insights:
- View annual savings
- Understand what your estimated cost per unit of electricity is.

Schedule activation:
- Sign up for a circuit level monitoring and schedule your activation. Activation will take one of our technicians 1-2 hours.
- Ask your an energy specialists question’s through the application.
- See what other options you have to lower your price for electricity.
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