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 Mysterious Sundarban 1.1

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Once there was a boy named Dipu. He planned to go on a trip to Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world, along with his family. As their plan they have started their journey through the forest. Suddenly, while riding on a boat, some robbers attacked them. They killed the oarsman. They kidnapped Dipu’s family. Somehow Dipu survived and escaped. He started running through the forest. He got scared. He was feeling so sad too cause he lost his family members. He is helpless. He clueless about what he should do. In the game Dipu will run throughout the forest. There are several ferocious animal like tiger, crocodile, snake, wild boar etc. He has to survive. He has to eat fruits as meal. There are some fruits which are bad for health. He has to eat only the good. After running and running he will find an old house. After seeing the house he start to feel relief that there might be some people who can help him finding his family.

** Game Features **

- Player can walk, run, jump and trough stick.
- Player will collect stick from tree.
- Player life can increase on take eatable safe fruits.
- Player life will be decrease on eat wrong fruits, get hit from monkey, wild boar, sojaru and others wild animal.
- Player will die on tiger attack and eaten by crocodile.
- Extra features coin collection and point counter.
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