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Research, survival, an open world, a variety of crafting and much more is waiting for you in the online world cube! Pixelmons are already waiting for you! Exploration of the game to survive with pixelmons! Build and craft gameplay in the new game of 2018. A beautiful fairy-tale block for girls, be real princesses. You will be helped by craft and a lot of poke-balls around the world. Journey to the secret island.

Super online survival with a multi-craft mode with real pixelmons! Share the secrets of the game with your friends! Find out how to build a city, shop, poke-hospital and your house. Craft much for its construction.The world of pixelmons! Build craft blocks for pixelmones. You will be able to build a pixel arena from the blocks for combats with other players and shooting at monsters. Gain experience, perform a mini mission to become a real hunter for pixelmons. Especially arrange everything for yourself. If you are a boy, then you need more weapons and ammunition! Or if you're a girl, then more toys (dolls) and pink blocks! Be sure to build it all next to your pixelmon village! Pixelmons everywhere, in any location! Many caves of monsters! Ocean, sea, rivers and many animals. Fish, dolphins, turtles. An open animal world. Fishing and hunting along with pixels. Pixel fones are your true helpers. Beware of wild pixelmons.

Research, survival and many different mods and modes. You are waiting for such modes as: Fashion history, creative mode (your imagination will help you), endless craft of fashion, survival of fashion and much more! Tame any animal that you like. The best and beautiful design of the game: the change of day and night, sandbox, savanna, fruit grows on the trees (They will replenish your health reserve), grass and many blocks. Poke-ball in your backpack! Exploration by flight. A lot of pixels around the world, more than 50 pixels in this game. Travel to other people's craft arenas to earn combat points. All players of this interesting game like battles. Everyone is ready to fight with you. Prove that you are the fighter in the first place. Other players will attack your crafting village, which you build yourself. Build your city / village like New York, Beijing, Washington, London or Moscow. After all, this game is the most hit for children this season. You are waiting for a lot of interesting things. All this in your phone, android!

 Are you ready to become a real hunter on pixel? You will become a catcher for a pixel of pets! A lot of daily missions, quests, which will diversify your game! It will become much more interesting with friends! Play at home and at home. Compete with the players, gain points for the victory, the arena points, points for the mission. For glasses you can buy treasures or New Year's gifts! This game and pixelmones will never end. The magic game for girls and boys in 2018 is waiting for you. Pixelmons with you forever. Download the game now for free and invite your friends to multiratsft! Enjoy the best game of craft, construction and pixelmonTs!

The main difference from other games / Advantages:
- Light, exploration and survival for all!
- A lot of your craft for friends
- Combat mode! You're against everyone
- Hunting in a poker-ball of pixelmones
- A real sandbox
- Beautiful design and gameplay
- Multiple pixel cup for construction and crafting

24-hour online support for our developers will answer all your questions. Help 24/7. Good luck in this fabulous interesting construction game of this season!
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