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 N+Motion 1.9


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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad


Making real motion digital, and digital motion real.

For fitness, logistics, vibration analysis, and gaming, motion is only as good as it is useful. NODE+motion measures nine degrees of motion with a 9DOF IMU, which allows NODE+ to accurately measure its orientation and movement. This is made possible through the combination of a three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer, and a three-axis magnetometer.

The magic is in the module.

With a 3-axis accelerometer: up to +/-8g range, 0.061mg resolution, 3-axis magnetometer: up to +/-8 gauss range, 0.04 milli-gauss resolution, 3-axis gyroscope: up to +/-2000 degrees-per-sec, 0.061 degrees-per-sec resolution, and 9-degrees-of-freedom orientation engine, NODE+motion makes sensing movement truly mobile.

+ This application requires an iPhone 4s (or newer) or an iPad 3 (or newer), or an iPad Mini, and a NODE sensor device.

About NODE:
At Variable, Inc. we make sensory platforms that connect apps and smart devices to the real world, in new ways.
NODE is a handheld, wireless, sensor platform that is transforming how we gather, process and use sensory data from the world around us. Combining advanced motion-sensing technology with interchangeable sensor modules to stream real-time information to any smart device.

Please see our website at www.variableinc.com for more information.
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