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Nagini Music player is targeted mainly at music enthusiasts who spend long hours with their music. The user interface is so simple that it won't exhaust you in the long run. Nagini Music player maintains its own music library. On the first run it will scan through all of your directories to discover the available audio files.

If you are finding it hard to figure out what all the icons in the player mean, check them out at "Icon Reference" in the main menu.

Some features of this app are "Premium Features". A premium feature can be accessed by viewing a full screen advertisement.

Extra Features :

- Multiple Widgets.
- App shortcuts. (For Android 7.1 & above)
- Control every aspect of the player directly from the widgets.
- Stream online audio files.
- Play .3gp , .mp4 and .mkv files as audio.
- Display remaining time or full track length when playing.
- Push a track to the playing queue*.
- Supports M3U, WPL, PLS and XSPF playlist file formats.
- Zip playlists.
- Sort tracks in playlist by album.
- Gradually increase volume at start up.
- Send selected songs from a play list instantly to another play list.
- Customizable actions for headset button multi clicks.
- Search for audio files easily and perform actions on searched audio files.
- Discover tracks in an album that you don't have in your device. (Powered by Spotify)
- Scrobble tracks to (You don't need have the app installed)
- Add tracks to "Loved Tracks" in your account by adding a track to Favorites in Nagini Player by clicking the "Favorite" icon.
- Retrieve artist information and album art online.
- Search or Spotify for tracks.
- View top tracks and albums by an artist.
- View top tracks by an artist. (Powered by Spotify)
- Directly make a Google or a Youtube search on an artist or a song.
- Set a sleep time.
- Shake the device to make an action. (Can be configured)
- Media button control.
- Set starting and ending bookmarks for individual tracks.
- Cross fading with customizable effects.
- Multiple themes.

Configurable actions for headset button multi click-
- Play previous song.
- Play next song.
- Start over the currently playing song.
- Alter loop status.
- Alter shuffling.
- Fast forward and rewind.
- Stop the player.
- Issue a voice command.

Voice commands-
- Supports voice commands issued via Google. ("OK Google" followed by media commands)
- Additional commands are available via a widget (Available commands can be viewed on the app Tutorial).

Audio file filtering methods -
- Hide selected audio files.
- Rule out complete folders (Folder blacklisting).
- Use only selected folders to scan music files. (A premium feature)
- Filter out audio files shorter or longer than a predefined duration. (A premium feature)

Supported file formats-
- Mp3, m4a, AAC, WAV, MIDI, FLAC, Ogg
- Audio only for 3gp, Mp4 and .mkv (Note : Playing Mp4 and .mkv files as audio is a premium feature)

*For more info visit

Loading times -
- At the initial load the player will run through the whole file system to read the audio files and make the media library.
This can take some time depending on the number of audio files you have and the device configuration.
- Consequent refreshings will not take much time. It should almost be instant. You have to swipe down to do this.
- Re scanning the file system is not necessary as the player will collect new songs automatically.
- However you can run a re scan manually and it will take nearly the same time as the initial loading.

What Nagini Player does NOT do -
- Cannot be used to download music files.
- Currently no in-built support for lyrics. ( However supports 3rd party lyrics apps like Musixmatch via broadcast feature )
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