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In this Nail Art Step by Step Designs will be showing step by step how to be nailed your nail. for the beginner you need to have alcohol, cotton balls, nail art polish, polish remover, orange wood stick, top and base coat polish, So let's get started.

There are four steps steps to nail your nail before you designs your nail. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are working with clean dry hands.The second thing you need to do is take a cotton ball and wipe the nails with alcohol. This is a good time to make sure that your nails are well shaped. You don't want to decorate nails that are not shaped well as this will take away from the finished look. Once you have finished shaping your nails, remove any residue left from you shaping your nails as this may show up on your polish. You can do this with a cotton ball. Now that your nails are shaped, polish your nails with one coat of the base coat. The base coat will allow your nail polish to last longer. If you do not have a base coat, you can replace that with clear polish. Let your base coat dry for about five minutes.

It's Time To Decorate Your Nails by Nail Art Step by Step Designs!!

Think about what colors you like and how you may want your nails decorated. To make small fine lines or dots you will need to purchase nail art polish because it has a very thin pointed brush that you can use. You can also use your regular polish for certain designs. Practice-This makes perfect! Try some things, trial and error to get the swing of it. If you do not like your design, simply start over. This is why you have an orange wood stick, polish remover, and cotton balls handy. Once you have your design in tack, you can add small rhinestones with your orange wood stick. Let your design dry for another five minutes. Then once it is dried, add a top clear coat. This time your polish needs to dry for about twenty to thirty minutes to make sure that every thing is well dry.

Types of the Nail Art Step by Step Designs here is the kids of the nail arts.

- Polka Dots, these are totally easy nail art designs for beginners. They look complicated to do but are simple and fun!
- Nail Strips or Stickers, any drug store now has nail strips and stickers. This is the ultimate way to have perfect nail art designs for beginners.
- Magnetic or Crackle Nail Art
- Matte, using matte polish over regular polish has become the newest craze! Instead of a glossy finish, you will get a matte finish.
- Mix & Match, a really simple way to do nail art for beginners, especially if you don’t have time to make designs on your nails, is to mix and match.
- Mood Nail Polish, a new fun trend is mood nail polish and it’s perfect nail art for beginners. A few companies carry mood nail polish.
- Caviar Nails, this is the newest fad in the nail world. It looks totally intricate but is actually easy nail art for beginners. Plenty of drugstores carry caviar nail kits.

390 nail design and step by step photos help you.

This application include 390 photos of nails.

244 photos about desing of the nails.

146 photos teach you desing of the nails step by step.

Desing are simple to apply quickly also suitable for special times. it will help you make decide easily.

Collection of latest Nail Art Designs. Nail Art is also known as Nail Polish, Nail Paint or Nail Varnish. More than 100 Nail Art Designs of different styles like flower nail arts, animal designs and minion style nail arts are included in this collection with step by step illustrations to follow for applying them. Most of these Nail Art Designs are simple enough to apply quickly and also suitable for special occasions like Weddings, Parties and Festivals.

* Steps are included for most of the Nail Art Designs.
* Each Nail Art Design can be zoomed in by double tapping on it.
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