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Natives is a real world, investigation game that makes use of Google Street View panoramas! In Natives, you'll play as Grey (first person). Your job will be to resolve the problems of your clients by travelling to different cities across the whole world. When we say cities, we mean the real cities of the world, thanks to Google Street View panoramas.

Need-to-know things : Part I

Grey and Violet (his counterpart) are extraordinary humans. They can see everything virtual around us (and them) as if it's something physical (at least physical to our eyes). In 1993, project_VIRTUAL initiated by MASSNET (with Ranjit as its CEO, and he still is...) enabled Grey and Violet to see virtual data in the real world (in thin air) that are generally encrypted and invisible to our eyes (it's electomagnetic waves we are talking about). That means, they can see our chats, passwords, images etc, all travelling around us, natively. Grey and Violet run a website in which clients from all over the world come to share their problems with them. That includes stealing web history from someone's computer, deleting someone's project, various kinds of cybercrimes and a lot more.


• First of its kind.
• Makes use of Google Street View Panoramas.
• Intelligent touch controls and gestures.
• Consists of nearly all the major cities of the world.
• Seamless loading between the levels.
• Awesome soundtracks.
• A great story, perhaps?
• Most 'informal' game on Play Store.
• Made by one person, that's not a feature but yeah!
• It's free without any ads.

Need-to-know things : Part II

The best thing about Natives (which means about Violet and Grey) is that they are anonymous to everyone. No one knows them or has seen (and recognized) them, ever! Even Ranjit (CEO of MASSNET) thinks that project_VIRTUAL was a faliure!
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