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 Natural 20 1.0

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The Natural 20 App adds more flavour to your adventure by adding effects to the critical hits and critical

fails. This app is for players who think that just doubling the damage is not enough for a critical hit, for

players who think cleaving a goblins arm off and beating him to the death with it is what D&D is really all

about. You hate those plebs in your party that keep rolling 1? Let them charm themselves and spend a

day thinking they are a carrot running away from bunnies (the app does not actually contain this card).

App contains:

- Over 120 cards for critical hit or critical fail.

- Instructions for using this homebrew rule.

- Form for filling your own cards so players worldwide can use them in their campaigns.

Legals, so Wizards of the Coast don’t take our dungeons and our dragons

Coming soon:

- Cards for natural 20 on skills and saves

- Cards for natural 1 on skills and saves

Have fun slaying orcs, pillaging dungeons, devastating evil crypts and charming dragons with a single


Disclaimer: This app is to be used only with D&D 5e. Also our level 20 lawyers made us promise that no

goblins were harmed during the making of this app.
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