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 Neon – Photo Effects 3.5.3

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Forget the boring pictures
Neon is a saturation and acidic colors that will help you embellish any image! At your disposal is a palette of 12 amazing colors. Choose blue to get the ultraviolet effect. You can also set any other color from the RGB palette.

Add more colors
The ultraviolet effect looks great, but the ultraviolet effect is still more beautiful when paired with other amazing colors. Use gradients from several colors and your photo will become even more magical. In the Neon palette, you can select one of the three gradients or create your own.

Full customization
Neon makes your photo more contrast and more saturated and you can control these settings. Set the saturation to the minimum or maximum and you will get a completely different effect. Reducing the saturation will help you achieve the perfect effect if your photo has already been saturated. If you've already tried neon colors, switch the blend mode to dark, it's good for light images. Also you can change the color transparency and other parameters.

In addition to default filter, Neon has other, such as:
- A binary filter that will add neon only to light or only to the dark parts of your image
- Gradient, use to create the effect of a overexposed film
- Shift, use dark color mode to achieve 3D similar effect
- Noise
- Glare
- TV effect

Neon text
Photo filters look good, but Neon is created not only for this. Write text on the image is necessary sometimes, but plain text is boring ... Try neon text! Write in your own language or on any other. Neon supports multi-line text, as well as UNICODE characters. Choose one of over 30 specially selected fonts. Thin fonts, fat, handwritten, graffiti, gothic, designer, pixel and other fonts ... You are sure to find one that suits you. For each font, you can add a stroke of text, with it your text will look more creative. Do not forget that this is a neon text and, therefore, it's a glowing text. What else? Invert your text, set the rotation angle or simply flip, change the size and position of the text.

Neon shapes and masks
Use neon shapes to create creative works. Choose one of the patterns: sphere, frame, lines, heart, glasses, star, particles, lightning and that's not all ... Modify the template completely: add corners to get the polygon; Add a stroke to the shape; And also move, rotate and resize ... With Neon, you have a huge number of opportunities to create creative work.

Show your fantasy
Did not find what you were looking for? Draw it using a brush. Select objects on the photo and paint them to neon!

Add a new layer
Mix text, shapes and filters using layers. Layers allow you to do many amazing things: change the color of your eyes or get the effect of a hologram. Add a laser show on your photo!

The background
Set the background brightness to a minimum or maximum to get a black or white border around your shape or text. It looks cool.

Last step
Erase text and shapes using an eraser.

High quality
Save your images in excellent quality. The maximum resolution of the image is Full HD. You can change the resolution in the settings.

Total Neon has:
- Neon colors
- Ultraviolet
- Gradients
- Unique filters
- Neon text
- Luminous text
- Text in different languages
- More than 30 fonts
- Neon shapes and masks
- Luminous figures
- Customizing shapes
- Eraser
- Brush
- Layers
- High quality
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