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Gem or No Gem
The decision to wear an earring with a gemstone is largely based on occasion and personal preference. Small gemstones add an interesting sparkle for everyday wear, while larger gemstones should be reserved for special occasions. Another factor to consider is cost. For genuine gems, the bigger the stone, the bigger the price tag.

Is Bigger Better
When it comes to earrings, size matters. A good earring takes into consideration not only the size of the ear, but also the hair and face. If the earrings are too large they will draw undue attention to themselves and detract from your overall appearance. If they are too small, they will not be seen.

Earring model design - Try going for a feminine look. This is perfect if you'd like sewing projects or you just enjoy shopping at craft sites. You don't have to make jewelry anymore to get handmade jewelry. Instead, you can just pay a little bit more money. Some sellers may even offer to give you your choice of material colors and can be feminine and do all the work for you. DIY earring Tutorial easy step by steps are good too for you.

Diamond earrings - This allows you to get a custom look without spending a lot of money and you won't even have to do the work. Usually designing the jewelry is the really fun part and you won't have the frustration of making the jewelry. You should have diy earring storage, diy earring posts, diy earring holder for studs, diy earring holder ideas, diy earring organizer, diy earring holder frame, diy earring holder stand to collect your jelwery or earrring. You can find pieces with different bits of lace, ruffles, fabric flowers, ribbons, and buttons or even pieces of costume jewelry. This gives you a chance to have a trendy and feminine look to your outfit and that's okay that the materials won't last forever because the style probably won't either.

Earring Jewelry Design showcases various earrings designs/patterns released across the world. These are from some of the renowned fashion designers worldwide. This app contains good collection earrings designs for every women. All HD images are displayed in album with zoom facility such that you can put them to best use.The design images can be zoomed in and out, and can also be viewed as grid and Set-as-Wallpaper and Photo Sharing.

- This app gives you best earrings design.
- High-resolution, incredible HD pictures. (can also be used as wallpapers / lock screens)
- Share designs/images via Email, social networking Apps
- Set as Wallpaper
- All kind of mobiles and tablets are supported

The earrings are of
1. Fancy
2. Latest fashion
3. Precious Jewellery
4. Imitation earrings.

Offline gallery of beautiful and nice earring designs.

We are providing you with the facility to download them to your phone, set them as a wallpaper or even a caller id to cheer you up every time you look at your Phone.

You can find images of earring design, gold earring design.
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