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Nickzom Calculator is an app that solves calculations and shows the steps on Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Unit Conversions for quick and easy understanding.

The goal of this math app is to provide one with solutions and steps to his or her calculations. Alongside a basic and scientific calculator.

In Mathematics, Engineering, Physics and Unit Conversions, this app presents the formula, equations, parameters and operations, steps and answer to your question.

Nickzom Calculator solves the following sections in Engineering:

Economics (Economic Equivalence and Depreciation)
Basic Electrical
Basic Electronics
Calculus (Differentiation and Integration)
Laplace Transform
Linear Algebra (Matrix Arithmetic, Solutions of Linear Systems)
Linear Programming (Without Artificial Variables)
Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics)
Ordinary Differential Equation

Nickzom Calculator calculates and solves math problems on:

Algebraic Identities
Arithmetic Progression (Sequences and Series)
Binomial Series
Complex Numbers
Compound Interest
Cosine Rule
Geometric Progression (Sequences, Series and Infinite Series)
Latitude and Longitude
Linear Equation
Mensuration or Geometry (Area, Perimeter, Volume)
Partial Fraction
Permutation and Combination
Prime Numbers
Polynomials (Cubic and Quartic Equation)
Pythagoras Theorem
Quadratic Equation
Simple Interest
Simultaneous Equation
Sine Rule
Statistics (Discrete and Continuous) - With or Without Frequencies
Tangent Rule

This maths calculator app also has the laws of mathematics and trigonometric identities well stated out.

In Physics, Nickzom Calculator calculates and solves problems such as:

Electric Field
Energy Quantization
Equilibrium Of Forces
Gas Laws
Gravitational Field
Heat Energy
Magnetic Field
Simple A.C. Circuit
Wave-Particle Behaviour
Work, Energy and Power

In Unit Conversions, Nickzom Calculator converts the following units:

Temperature Units
Mathematical Number Bases (Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal, Octal and Custom [3 - 9])
Coordinates Units (Cylindrical, Spherical, Rectangular or Cartesian and Polar)

There is also a link to Nickzom Calculator+(Pro Version) which is updated on a regular basis with more content and solutions to calculation problems.
Nickzom Calculator+ has 30+ unit conversions and 30+ Chemistry calculation solutions.

Nickzom Calculator+ -

Nickzom Calculator requires no internet connection and is one of the best mathematical problem solver applications.
Maths tutorials and mathematical teachings in class or study groups can also be carried out using this Calculator

If you are a maths student, lecturer, researcher or have any thing to do with mathematics endeavor to download and rate this app and also support us by buying our professional version.

Also, if there is any math problem you wish to be included in our app please let us and it would be done.

Thank You
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