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Polish your spiky ninja shuriken stars and sharpen samurai sword to fight demons from hell and survive insane obstacle courses in this addictive ninja fighting game!

If you like challenging but fun rage games, then wait no more and tap your screen to keep a tiny ninja hero jumping and dodging obstacles. Easy to learn one finger controls will soon invite you to the world of pain with levels from hell getting more and more difficult.

This deadly ninja rage game features:

🔥 trap dodging, ninja jumping and demon fighting
🔥 endless survival game mode to truly test your skills
🔥 using ninja star throwing or deadly sword fighting in your demon hunt
🔥 hand crafted levels to test levels of your quick reflexes and fast reaction time
🔥 bloody achievements like in all hardcore ninja fighting games
🔥 leaderboards to prove your ninja jumping and samurai sword fighting skills
🔥 tiny, cute and very deadly ninja fighters to unlock
🔥 quick restarts like it should be in the best rage games
🔥 one finger controls similar flappy ninja jumping games
🔥 explosive and bloody fighting game play

* * *

This arcade ninja fighting game will give you a taste of a dangerous life in hell by dodging moving traps, jumping over rage inducing clusters of spikes and fighting demon forces of evil by slashing them with your samurai katana sword!

One finger jumps will keep your tiny flappy ninja hero jumping over the deadly spikes, sword fighting annoying fireball imps, blocking blows from demonic devil axes and knocking them back to the fires of hell. Tap your finger twice to do ninja star throwing action and destroy fireballs or snipe distant enemies.

Let the rage run through your veins as you die again and again faced against hardcore game difficulty as your ninja assassin is dashing over the blades splashing blood all over the obstacle course. Spring back to fast paced dodging game play instantly with super fast restart option and try to beat the level one more time!

Master all the deadly jumpy ninja fighting skills, keep dashing through the tight obstacle course gaps, snipe enemies from a distance by shuriken throwing ninja stars, push demons to the spikes, go for ninja survival in the endless obstacle course level to power your way to the top of leaderboards and prove your friends that you are the best deadly ninja fighter in this fun rage game!

If you enjoy rage inducing ninja games or addictive bloody demon fighting games or deadly obstacle course games, then Shurican might be the best reflex test for you.

Jump to the main challenge level, where you will die a lot, get angry or even rage a tiny bit, memorize trap positions, dodge and dash through the spikes and reach the end gong to become the best in this frustrating obstacle course game!

Shurican is best ninja fighting game for boys, since this it contains blood and cartoon violence as well as rage inducing gameplay of hardcore difficulty, so is not good for kids or girls. This jumping ninja game is playable offline and will not lock any content while playing without wifi or without internet.

Do you have a steady enough hand and calm nerves to dash through all the levels of this flappy ninja jumping game with hardcore samurai sword fighting game play?

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