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 Ninja Vs. Monsters – Shooter Attack Battle 1.6.4

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This is an old school action arcade ninja shooter game. If you are up for some challenge and fast paced ninja action and shooting game, this is the game for you. Shoot monsters game that features some cool weapons such as machine gun, ninja shuriken and ninja bow. Their power level can be increased by buying their features. Join in for some ninja classic gaming!

We spend extra time and energy to create colorful, unique and vivid levels. It's pleasure to shoot monsters with machine gun, shuriken or the bow on beautiful landscapes or blast them in air with hand grenade.

Each level features new enemies and unique and hard to beat boss. This ninja game is not every day tap and win ninja game. It's ninja shooter game. It requires skills and speed to beat it up. Mini-boss will be there ready to test your defense skills every 5th wave. The big boss awaiting at level 20. Get ready for some thrilling action shooting!

✅free tap shooter game
✅fast paced ninja action game
✅3 completely different weapons, with different gameplay and tactics
✅4 hot skills to give you power up at tense situations + items
✅ Both ninja attack and ninja defense game
✅ Tactics and speed required
✅ Each level introduces new monsters and really challenging boss fights
✅ Weapon features can be combined
✅One of the most exciting ninja battle shooting games

-Poison effect
With this feature, once you hit monster with shuriken, they will become slower
-Triple shot
Instead of 1 shuriken, ninja shoots 3 shurikens at once for more damage to the monsters.
Again feature that helps mostly in ninja's defense. For each shuriken that hits monster you gain 1% of your energy increased.

-Cooling enhanced
The only thing holding this beast of weapon down is his overheat flow. But this feature increases the time needed to overheat by a lot, allowing ninja to shoot the monsters with a smile on his face
-Rotation Speed Increased
In order to shoot with machine gun, it has to spin. Well with this feature it will be spining at twice the speed. The effects are deadly.
-Power Level Up
Is machine gun not powerful enough without this feature. We think not. But still this expensive feature is here to take this weapon even further beyond.

-Instant Charge
If you want to shoot your arrows with max power, you have to wait just a little time for it to charge. Well this feature eliminates this need to wait. It will be always powered up to the max. Offensive feature.
-Magic Arrow
The flying monsters can be quite pain in the back. With magic arrow feature, your arrow will track down enemies and not rest until it hits them. All you have to do is aim close enough to your enemies. This is nice attack weapon.
-Frost Arrow
Favorite feature to many players. Everything that this arrow touches and explodes nearby gets frozen for few seconds. Great addition to the bow to help you get out of tight situations, where many monsters are attacking you. Both offensive and defensive feature.

This is wildcard weapon. If you are skilled enough and kill multiple monsters with single throw, you can make great money and have great fun. It can also save you a lot of trouble with the Octopus-like monsters.

-To switch weapons, put your finger down on the action icon (bottom-right corner), then move your finger on the desired weapon and take your finger off the screen.
[Shuriken] -Just tap on the screen.
[Machine Gun] -Put your finger down and hold it on the screen, aim at the monsters while shooting
[Bow]-put your finger down, aim at the monsters and once ready, release your touch
[Hand Grenade] -first buy one from weapon shop, then put your finger on grenade icon, and move it on the battle field
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