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Phones put into a pocket often do unintended things like making calls, or starting apps. As the phone is running on full throttle all time the battery gets drained meanwhile.
No "More Butt Calls" prevents this by switching off the screen and making the processor sleep. If the phone gets activated while being in a pocket – for instance by receiving an unanswered call, or by accidentally pressing the home button – it will go back to sleep immediately. When taking the phone out of the pocket it is ready to use immediately.
Of course this also works when the phone is in a handbag, in a rucksack, in a flip case, lies on the table upside down, or an object is proximate.

"No More Butt Calls" is free for a one week trial. After that time it will stay free, but there will be functional restrictions. Please acquire "No More Butt Calls - Key" which converts "No More Butt Calls" to full version to avoid any limitations.
Be aware that "No More Butt Calls - Key" is available at a discounted price for limited time.

- Monitoring proximity sensor to switch screen, keyboard, and processor on/off depending on an object being proximate
- Switch screen off again when being activated while phone is in your pocket
- Keep screen active while phone is not in a pocket, with or without being dimmed after some idle time
- Define exemptions to avoid switching off the screen while any selected app is in use
- Keep screen active all time
- Avoid security lock
- Analytic capabilities to learn about usage behavior and battery status

Please don't post negative ratings because of an increased battery consumption when option "Prevent lock" is switched on. This behavior is described in the documentation (in the menu at "About this app") and cannot be avoided as the processor needs to be kept awake to shoot a ping from time to time. If this additional energy consumption is an issue, please switch off "Prevent lock", or set it to "Maybe" (the meaning of "Maybe" is a bit tricky; but it is described in the documentation as well). Then there should not be any additional energy consumption. But of course with "Prevent lock" switched off your phone may get locked when you don't use it for some time.
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