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Northeast Now is a multi-app based hyper-regional bilingual news portal. Led by a group of professionals, the digital news platform covers every inch of the eight states of northeast and the five neighbouring countries. It is the first of its kind new media initiative in the northeast, and is based in Guwahati. There are two apps – Android and iOS for the English edition and one Android app for the Assamese section. The team plays a pro-active role of strengthening the bond between the people of the region. As the political dynamics in the northeast is intricate and fluid, Northeast Now is politically neutral. It is also the true information bridge between the South Asia and the booming Southeast Asia.

নৰ্থ-ইষ্ট নাও এটা মাল্টি-এপ ভিত্তিক সম্পূৰ্ণভাৱে আঞ্চলিক, দ্বিভাষিক নিউজ প’ৰ্টেল। পেচাদাৰী ব্যক্তিৰ এটা গোটৰ নেতৃত্বত এই ডিজিটেল বাতৰি প্ৰতিষ্ঠানটোৱে উত্তৰ-পূবৰ আঠখন ৰাজ্য আৰু এইবোৰৰ প্ৰতিৱেশী দেশকেইখনৰ প্ৰতিটো খা-খবৰ সামৰি লোৱাৰ চেষ্টা কৰিব। দুটাকৈ ইংৰাজী এপ আৰু এটা অসমীয়া এপৰ সংস্কৰণ থকা এইটোৱে হ’ল এই ধৰণৰ প্ৰথমটো নিউজ প’ৰ্টেল। আমি ৰাজনৈতিকভাৱে নিৰপেক্ষ আৰু দক্ষিণ-পূব আৰু দক্ষিণ এছিয়াৰ মাজৰ প্ৰকৃত বা-বাতৰিৰ সাঁকোৰ ভূমিকা ল’বলৈ চেষ্টা কৰিম।

With this Northeast Now app, you can now –

• All the news from the Northeast India and Southeast Asia.
• Extensive coverage of Politics, Elections, Sports
• Full coverage of Art and Culture, Tourism, Business, Environment and more.
• Coverage of sporting events from the Northeastern states of India

Get alerts on Breaking News.
Just touch the Northeast Now icon and get quick access to the world of news in the region
Select topics of your choice to get notifications on.

• Full coverage of events including Politics, Elections, Tourism, Business, Environment & more.
• Art and Culture reviews, entertainment news and more
• Coverage of sporting events from the Northeast
• Save your favorite articles and read them later

Watch and View
• Coverage of various events including politics, budget, and other Breaking News.
• New videos every day from the Northeast India, entertainment, sports
• Photo of the Day
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