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 Noxar (Unreleased)

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Noxar has never been a peaceful world... but the Murdraks, the beings from the darkness, always showed some respect to the guardians and their allies... but that was until the day they found the Noxis, A red crystal created by the gods. This crystal had the power to control Noxar's nature and the Murdraks would use it to posses every kind of creature to destroy...
There was a time where witches and wizards could only use their magic to heal or they would be punished, even in wars, attack spells were seemed as an act of hate against the gods.
When the world was about to collapse, the last resource they had was to allow the use of destructive spells... but it was impossible to stop the Murdraks, the crystal could even control the most powerful creature, and most of the greatest wizards had been killed. After days of a bloody war, A witch asked everyone to give her their power to destroy the crystal, and she was the only one with the ability to control external magic, so all they could do was trust her and give her their power.
After hours of working on the spell the witch could quickly access the room where Murdraks had the crystal, but the destruction spell she used on the Noxis didn't go as expected... the witch disappeared, and today no one knows what happened to her and the crystal... rumors say the crystal still exist but where did they go? did the witch survive? we don't know if the crystal was destroyed, but we will never stop looking for it... if it exists we can't let the Murdraks find it first.

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