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PuzzleQuiz collection whose numbers 0 to 9 are answers.
Quiz is waiting for you!

For example, look at the sequence of numbers below.

2, 4, 6, 8, ?, 12

What's going on? Because it increases by 2, the correct answer is 10.

What's the problem with the icon?
2? 6

This is the answer 4.

In this way, puzzle quizzes that "Numbers" answer from simple to complicated ones are recorded.
It is easy input by tapping the numeric keypad.

Will not you taste the moment that you inspire?

Quiz that require difficult knowledge for beginner classes will not appear.

Let's make your head soft with numerical puzzles! It is!
This is a puzzle quiz collection whose numbers 0 to 9 are the answers.
Compute and find rules, puzzle quiz is waiting for you!

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· When you start up, the title screen will be displayed. Let's tap the problem number you want to try.
· On the problem screen, when you tap the number key, the number is entered in the blue "?".
· When you tap the red "?", That "?" Turns blue.
· Enter the number that you think is correct for every "?" And let's decide!
· It will be displayed on the screen whether it is correct answer!
· If you do not understand, see hints or try other problems.
· Even if you do not understand it, you may challenge other problems or give time to it! Is it?
· Aim for the correct answer of all problems!

● Recommended when
· Those who like the feeling of the moment when they are inspired
· In exam preparation for job hunting activities
· To kill time for a little travel time
· When you want to try logical power
· Recommended for elementary school students, junior high school students, high school students and social workers
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