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Just numbers. Nothing more.

Numerizer is a puzzle game that requires quick fingers and hard thinking. It's a simple concept about moving the white ball and catching the number ball with the correct number. The game can be played in many different modes:

◦ Calculate the result of an arithmetic operation
◦ Find the prime number among several composite numbers
◦ Follow a sequence of arithmetic operations
◦ Find the number divisible by a given divisor
◦ Alternate between the highest and the lowest number
◦ Catch the numbers in numerical order

Numerizer is for everyone who likes numbers and solving math puzzles. It's perfect to use in schools as an educational tool for students since it combines learning with challenging action and fun. As with math itself, the game has no end. However, the longer you play, the more difficult it gets. Its elegant and minimalistic design helps you keep focused on the gameplay. High scores are shown for each individual game mode, allowing you to compete with your friends.

This game is created by Divergent Monkey Studios, an independent game developer based in Sweden. If you have any suggestions or other feedback, please let me know. I am fully devoted to delivering you great gaming experiences and I need your help to make it happen.

Enjoy the game! :o)
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