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Numphile is based on numbers and their numerical properties. It has a ver‌y unique concept. It consists of all basic numerical properties like Prime Number, Perfect Square, Even Number, Odd number and many more.

Now there might be a thought in your mind that this game is pretty easy and is meant for children, but think twice! It may seem easy but it's not.

The app is still under development, so it might crash or would be buggy sometimes, report them and we will try to fix them.

This is the first release so there are less features and Numerical Properties, we will add tons of them as we go.


The features of the game include:-

#01 Practice Mode: This mode is made in order to improve your skills in the game. This score doesn't count in overall score.

#02 Computer Mode: This mode is similar to Practice Mode but you have an opponent to defeat to. There are 4 opponents as of now and I hope you know them all. They are Albert Einstein, Leonhard Euler, Archimedes and Euclid. One of them will play with you in the game. You have the freedom to choose any of them.

#03 WLAN Multiplayer: This mode is designed so that you can play with your friends too. Two players at a time are allowed. In order to play together you and your friend have to be on the same network (Wi-Fi)

#04 Stats(Statistics): The game will monitor your wins, losses, OS(Overall Score) and other things.

#05 Property Details : All the Property used in the game are explained in detail along with examples.



The game starts by choosing a random property from the list of numerical properties in the game and you have to guess that randomly chosen property by typing any 4 digit number in it and the game will tell you if the number you entered relates the property. It sounds easy but when in situation like you entered number 2500 and the game says it does relates to the property and you think that the property should be Perfect Square and you are WRONG because the property would be Even Number .



Developer : HI :

Special Thanks : Albert Einstein, Archimedes, Leonhard Euler and Euclid.

Background Music By : Raj Equinox :

Hi From HI.
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