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 O2O Game 1.7.1

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Real-Time O2O Game

Who do you play the game with?
Real-time O2O game is a real-time game that users can enjoy together with real-world game models and users with various charms instead of virtual avatars created in 3d.

1. Meet our Characdol!
Characdol' is a synonym that combines Character and Idol and is a coined word for all character models in PlaytotheSKy.
Choose your favorite type of Characdol, control their outfits, and sponsor them!
Depending on the progress of the game, various rewards such as 'Digital content’, 'Characdol’s private goods', 'Limited Game Control for some period' etc. will await you
2. Unlimited Contents!
PlaytotheSky has unlimited potential to incorporate a variety of contents including sports into O2O game service starting with "Playball", which resembles a soccer game play. Imagine, it's a reality in PlaytotheSky! : D
Become a star without your speaking skills!

Apply to be a Characdol “Now”!

1. Platform that requires no speaking skills!

2. Grow a real fan-list of your own!

4. Instead of increasing the number of followers of SNS, you can grow your fan-base with your own " profile video " and play with your users directly through our platform. Those who appreciate you will cheer you up, inform you, and support you.

3. Increase revenue with recognition!
Playtothesky offers a platform where users can donate hearts to their favorite models which can then be exchanged by you later for gifts and cash returned as profit.

1. Flexible schedule!

2. Characdol “schedule reservation” is flexible and allows you to choose your own schedule in advance of a two weeks , and is also cancellable at any time with a 3 day prior notice.
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