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Download the free OBER CAPTAIN application from the Apple Store or Google Play if you are the captain
The driver is registered at the OBER offices after inspecting the car and all its equipment and ensuring its readiness in terms of traffic safety and air conditioning and its validity.
 Make sure of all the papers for the passage and the driver and then there are lectures to the captain in how to deal with the program and how to deal with the recipients of the service (client) and familiarize him with all the controls of the program.

How to use the program
Run the program
The application automatically captures the closest customer to the captain with the estimated distance and initial cost of the trip.
You can communicate with the customer through the messaging service provided by the application.
After confirming the trip, the application displays the current location of the client and the time to access it.
After the client ride the flight must be confirmed to start the application in the calculation of time and distance of the trip with a path showing its route.
Upon completion of the journey, the journey must be completed from the application to show the final cost, and then the application will request an evaluation of the customer.
Run the program and you can pick up a user service connects to the program and show the screen where the location of the capture and the destination to be accessed and the cost of the trip is near and any distance after the service student and the time you arrive with the map and the nearest streets to be able to access it as soon as possible within 15 seconds you can accept the request
When you arrive, press the access button and when you move, press the move button. The program starts to drive you until you arrive, and then you can press the end of the trip and then calculate the cost of the trip. The program asks you to evaluate the custome
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