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 Obtaining Realm 1.2

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Almost in any game you have to adjust to the conditions that the developers offer you. Here you create all the conditions yourself! Initially having in its arsenal only three instruments, you have to create for yourself all the conditions for life and prosperity, being in a world made in the style of classical games of the end of the last century. Try not to get lost in the middle of pixel spaces!

At the beginning of the game you are given the opportunity to choose the appearance of your character. No additional features, this or that detail of clothes or features will not give you a face, so you can boldly start from your own tastes. Once you are in the game, you receive three items - an ax for cutting trees, picking for materials and a sword to protect against enemies (which is more than enough in the game). Then for you the most important thing begins - the process of creation. Get materials for construction - wood, stone, metals, rocks - and start building a house. You need your own shelter, so at nightfall (there is a change of time of day) monsters and zombies begin to wander around in the location. With the help of a sword or other weapon (which you create yourself), you can destroy them, but at night they become so much that alone can not cope, so the only thing is to wait for the morning to set in a strong and reliable home, where the evil spirits can not get through.

In addition to building its own pixel dwellings, an important part of the game is the construction of rooms for guests. After the construction of the so-called hotel, such classes of characters as merchants, wizards and doctors can be accommodated there. As a payment for accommodation these guys can provide you with not only money. A merchant can supply new useful and better vshare tools, as well as give a formidable weapon. The sorcerer will teach you how to use magical spells that will make you much stronger in combat. Finally, the healer will raise the level of your health if it has suffered in battles with monsters. The more luxurious the rooms are, the higher the status of your guests. Make friends with your lodgers - it will do you good!

Use a unique system of pixel crafting and build your own unique terraria world!
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