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 Ocean Defender / Aquarium Fight Fish Fun 1.5.6

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Ocean Defender

*Note: If tapping on the bad fish doesn't kill it, please try to swipe on the bad fish gently to kill it. I use my right thumb to swipe on the bad fish gently to kill it. When a bad fish changes to good fish, please wait until it turns back to bad fish before killing it. Otherwise you will lose a life.

Defend the Ocean by tapping/swiping evil fishes and thus only keeping beautiful and vivid ocean fishes with your finger tip.
Simply tap/swipe on the body of evil fishes to kill them and thus preventing them from harming other ocean fishes.
A very pleasant and challenging game to challenge your hand-eye coordination and skill.

Beautiful fishes and ocean / aquarium sceneary
Fishes can also swim in different speed to increase difficulty.
Level map
Unlock new fish after each level
Evil fish will disguise as random good fish to increase difficulty.
Effect when a fish is killed
You can continue the level where you finished last level and replay any previous levels.
More fishes as level cleared

How to Play:
Every fish has their own life score. By tapping/swiping on the fish their life will decrease and when the life score reaches 0 it will die. The purpose of the game is to kill the bad fishes by tapping/swiping on them and avoid tapping/swiping on the good fish though. If you kill a good fish, your level lives will decrease by 1 and when your level lives reaches 0 the game is over.

Interestingly, the bad fish will disguise as good fish once it finds out that you are trying to kill it. When the disguise happened (ie, when the bad fish change to good fish), you are not supposed to kill it or else you just killed a good fish. Fortunately, the disguise will just happen a random number of time so just wait for the disguise finished first before your attack.

Please feel free to leave me comments or suggestions
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