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OM or AUM Chanting Audio Mantra

OM is the first sound that emerged from the vibrations of the cosmic energy that created the universe. It is the representation of the creator. OM is self-begotten; it is on its own and doesn’t need another syllable to make its sound. Chanting OM will give you a sense of the source of the universe, and when chanted right, OM’s sound reverberates through your body, filling it with energy and tranquility.
OM exists in everything – the words we speak, the things we use, and in ourselves. The daily chanting of OM will give peace to your mind, body, and soul. The yogis of ancient India knew the inherent power of the OM Mantra and chanted it to connect to their soul. They believed that it is present and active within all of us and will reveal itself only through OM meditation.
OM – the matrix for all sounds. It is said that when this sound is diversified, it forms all the words used in language. If you have enrolled yourself in a yoga class, it is most likely that you will start and end your regimen by chanting OM. It might be a simple practice, but it has a whole lot more to it. This article will tell you all about this tiny, yet powerful syllable – OM.
Meditation that involves the chanting of ‘OM’ or ‘AUM’ is called Om meditation. In Om meditation, the two great spiritual possessions that belong to us – breath and sound – are combined to form a comprehensive meditation technique.

A basic law of spiritual science states that ‘the word, touch, form, taste, smell and its related energy coexist.’ This means where a symbol of God is present, its related energy is also present. By placing the OM symbol on t-shirts or tattoos, the following adverse effects may be felt:
• Physical distress such as hyper-acidity, a rise in body temperature, etc.
• Psychological distress like restlessness.
Another important aspect is that the random placement of the symbol OM amounts to playing with a symbol related to God, and hence, constitutes a sin.

In this application you will get the benefits of ‘AUM’ Mantra. You can pause and play the mantra and the best part of this application is you can run another application and OM Mantra will be running in background.

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