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100K Opentalkers from 60+ Countries.
Over 1 Million minutes talked per month.

Application to meet new people
Application to talk to new people
App to practice speaking English confidently
The app is to talk to students around the world

Connect with new people and students from around the world for higher studies, exam preparation and college information sharing through voice conversations! Talk to new people to share, learn and grow.

- Practice English on Opentalk, a free English practicing app used by over 50 countries
- Learn about new places by conversing with students from different cities and countries such as Singapore, US, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Vietnam, Australia, Russia, France, Japan, Philippines, Italy, Canada and many more.
- Opentalk is changing the way people practice fluent English speaking.
- English speaking partner can be find for conversation in this English speaking app.
- Live voice conversation will boost up your confidence.
- Speak English with your fluent English speaking practice partner for TOEFL preparation to learn English
- Talk to English speakers and listen to them carefully to get a good band in IELTS listening.
- Discuss live IELTS speaking topics with people from around the globe.
- You can know your improvement level easily because we categorize the application in different levels.
- Language exchange is possible using our English speaking app.

Opentalk is the top ranked App to practice English. You can learn English to speak fluent English using this Audio conversation app

Download the free App right away to help with your dream job interview, or with an exam, or to impress your friends! Improve English speaking, comprehension and listening skills. Speak English with confidence!"

We see a world where anybody can talk to anybody leading to empathy, learning, and a more tolerant world. A genuine conversation between two students can lead to immense value creation. We stand for talking openly and having open conversations which are without judgements or any bias.

Spain - Español: Aprender inglés
China - 中文:学英文 | Zhōngwén: Xué yīngwén
Egypt, UAE, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria - العربية: تعلم إنجيش | alearabit: taelam 'iinjish التحدث مع طلاب من الكليات العليا في جميع أنحاء العالم
Japan - 日本語:練習英語 | Nihongo: Renshū eigo 世界中のトップカレッジから学生に話をする
Russia - Русский: улучшить английский язык | Russkiy: uluchshit' angliyskiy yazyk поговорить со студентами из лучших колледжей по всему миру
Korea - 한국어 : 영어 향상 | hangug-eo : yeong-eo hyangsang 전 세계 유명 대학의 학생들과 이야기하십시오.
Portugal - Português: Aprenda Inglês
Italy - Italiano: Corsi di inglese
Germany - Deutsch: Praxis Englisch
Indonesia - Indonesian: berlatih bahasa Inggris, Bicaralah dengan siswa dan remaja di seluruh dunia.
France - Français: pratique l'anglais, parlez aux étudiants des collèges supérieurs du monde entier
Philippines - Fillipino: pagsasanay english pamamagitan ng pakikipag-usap sa mga bagong tao
Turkey - pratik ingilizce, Dünyanın en iyi üniversitelerinden öğrencilerle konuş
Brazil - Pratique Inglês, Conversar com estudantes e jovens em todo o mundo

Conversations with new people, talk to new people, talk to students, college communication, inter-college communication, IELTS preparation, GMAT preparation, TOEFL preparation, college connect, higher studies, Master Studies, study.

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