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Orbies is an application which lets personal and business usage for everyone to make orbs on the map. Orb is a photo that you want to share from your location for personal users for now, and it can be photo or text for business users from the location of the workplace on the map.
Personal usage lets you to make orb from your current location. Your orb starts to be shared from your current location with 4 hour duration and 1 km visible radius. Any other Orbies users can see your orb in 1 km around you and if they give a like to your orb your orb’s duration and Radius will increase. So the more you get likes the more people will see your orb by stepping up to next orbit. If you keep getting likes you will jump from 1st to 21st orbits one by one. And your standart orb will become Bronze, Silver and Golden orb levels by order. Our unique trending system depends on fibonacci numbers so the like quantity that your orb need to jump next orbit is calculated according to golden ratio. When you hit 21st orbit your orb will become “Golden Orb” and can be seen all over the World.Also by Orbies you can check other personal orbs around you or ranked ones that you can see it from your location.
Another amazing feature is you can check business orbs in your city. You can filter business orb accoridng to their categories as you wish and see what they offer to you or just check how they chose reach you. Don’t miss anything happens in your city. Check Orbies to discover more.

Business usage is for users who has workplaces. By Business Orbies you can add your workplace to our system and make orb to reach people in your city. You can make photo or text orb to seen on map by selecting orb start time, orb duration and orb days. Easily add your workplace, easily chose your own category and meet the easiest way of advertising to your customers in your city. When you choose your business’ category you will get special category color and you orb will shine with that color on the map. Unlike the others, It wasn’t this easy to be found and advertise before. You can track how many people you reach in your city by tracking your orb simultaneously. Meet with the simpliest way of reaching people! Enjoy your Business Premium account for free.
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