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You are Orpheus.
The prince of Thracia.
A son of Apollo's.
And the sun of the humanity.

This summer, go on a trip to the fantastic world of Greek myth and become Orpheus, where you'll meet several beautiful heroines—Charlotte, Eurydice, Neda, Chione, Arthur, and so on.

First, you get to learn how to be a king, how to rule your kingdom, how to date a girl—yes, how to date a GIRL! And how to be wise and what is right and what is wrong. It sounds quite educational, right? It's not just about dating and all that—actually, it's mostly about that, but I want to emphasize that it's also about PHILOSOPHY. Plato will teach you about it and you'll face many morally challenging—ah! No, it's UNCHALLENGING questions throughout the story.

Second, you have to make the heroines like you more! You've gotta go out with them! A harem! Build your own harem. Or if waifu is the way you'd go, then go for it. Date the girls, and some boys, the way you like it. It's all up to you how the story will go; your choices will change the story.

Third, just about when you've built some rapoort with the heroines, you'll confront Hades' army from the hell below. Some of you who have keen eyes must've noticed by now that this game is also a strategy game. You get to fight Hades and other users too but I'll tell you about the details in the game.

Anyway, you ready to become Orpheus?
I'll see you in Thracia.
Later, then.
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