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Are you finding it hard to get pregnant? 

It takes some people months and even years to conceive. If you have been trying to have a baby and you haven't succeeded you may need the help of a fertile and ovulation tracker. An ovulation tracker also known as an ovulation calendar has helped thousands of people like yourself get pregnant fast.

if you are finding it hard or just want to get pregnant fast then you may need to find out when you ovulate for the best chance of getting pregnant. There are many things you can do to improve your fertility, some tips include losing weight, eating better foods and using a fertility and pregnancy planner app. One tip to get pregnant fast is to have sexual intercourse when you are most fertile.

Our app tells you your most fertile period during the month, all you have to do is have intercourse and let mother nature take care of the rest. Out of the whole month you only have a few days in which you can get pregnant, if you miss these days then you won't conceive a child that month.

By inputting your menstrual cycle length, and the first day of your last menstruation we are then able to calculate the best dates for you to get pregnant. Many women have used an ovulation calculator for pregnancy in the past and if you really want to get pregnant fast using this app will help you.

Using an ovulation calculator for pregnancy app like ours can speed up the whole process by 33%. And unlike other apps, our app allows women with irregular period cycles (40 days+) to calculate their ovulation dates, which will help you determine the days on which you are most fertile.

So if you want to get pregnant faster download our app and start calculating your ovulation and fertility days with ease.

Another pregnancy tip that you can have is that if your looking to get pregnant with a baby boy then you should have sexual intercourse on the days recommended. If you want to become pregnant with a baby girl then you should have sexual intercourse a few days before the recommended date. If however, you have had problems conceiving a baby in the past we recommend sticking to your most fertile days.

Download our fertility and ovulation calendar app today and start trying for a baby. We wish you all the success in starting or increasing the number in your family. If this app does help you conceive we would love to know, please keep us updated by leaving a review of this app in the play store. We love hearing how we have helped families get pregnant so please keep us updated!

Click the install button above and get pregnant quicker.

How to use the ovulation tracker to get pregnant.

Using our ovulation tracker to get pregnant is simple. Our ovulation tracking app has 3 screens, the first being an intro telling you all about the ovulation tracking app its self, the second screen will require your input where you tell us the first day of your last menstrual cycle and finally your cycle length. Some ovulation tracking apps only have a short ovulation cycle length 20-28 days, our app, however, accommodates women with longer cycle lengths of up to 45 days. When you have input your menstrual cycle data click the calculate button and you will be taken to the third and final screen. On this screen, you will be given a timeframe when your body is most fertile. Have intercourse during this period to increase your chances of getting pregnant with a baby boy or baby girl.

That's it, Simple! Good luck!

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Please note that this app calculates the best possible time to get pregnant based on scientific formulas. We are not healthcare professionals, and we accept no responsibility of successful or unsuccessful pregnancies from using this app. We recommend that you consult a healthcare professional if ever in doubt.
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