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This is a story about a traveler that wanted to know what the price of a taxi ride is in a place he never been, seen or heard about before. He didn't speak the language, didn't know the culture or the customs but loved taking cabs around this strange city.

Before he stepped into a cab he would always try to ask the cab driver where his destination was, how long the ride would take, how far it was and how much it would cost him. He never got satisfying answers even if he could make himself understandable in the foreign language.

He knew that the Taximeter in the cabs had all the answers he sought after but the taximeter was not in his hands..

So the traveler thought and thought and thought some more and then started tinkering. At first he took a taximeter out of a cab but it was too heavy to carry around. Then he tried to carry a map with him to get an idea of the distances and routes but that didn't help either. Nothing worked. It was all useless..

And then the unthinkable happened, a great idea came to him! He would devise a machine that would fit in his pocket like a calculator but would show routes like a map and estimate the taxi fares wherever he wished to go.

He started working and built the Taxigram App not only for himself but for all travelers!


∆ Taxigram Paris is your Taxi Guide in Paris

∆ Taxigram shows you the price of a taxi ride on your mobile device

∆ Taxigram works offline so you don’t need a WIFI or internet connection

∆ Taxigram allows you to communicate with taxi drivers easily without speaking their language: everyone understands a map

∆ Taxigram has a list of hand-picked nearby destinations that are very easily found through the dropdown menu

∆ Taxigram informs you on the ride duration and ride distance so you can plan your travel time

∆ Taxigram provides travel recommendations to museums, attractions and even ice cream!

∆ Taxigram let’s drivers know you are not a dummy and you know what the ride should cost and how long the ride should take

∆ Taxigram is a pocket tool for all travelers. Smart travellers use it to plan and scope their travels

∆ Taxigram is useful for drivers that don’t know the destination that you want to visit

∆ Taxigram has hundreds of fun destinations that you would not otherwise visit: consider Taxigram your experienced companion travel companion

∆ Taxigram makes you travel care-free!

Ω Check out some of the reviews from users around the world —>

“I have waited a long time for a tool like Taxigram. I haven’t been scammed since I’ve started using it" (traveller in Istanbul)

“Taxigram has boosted my confidence to get into a cab. I don’t like bargaining with cabbies and I always feel scammed because I never know the route or price of a cab ride” (traveller in Istanbul)

"Taxigram is really useful to me. Last time I used it I decided not to take a taxi because my destination was around the corner! I didn’t know it was so close! I am sure the driver would have just taken me around the block and charged me money” (user in Tel Aviv)

"It was good that I used Taxigram since the price of the cab was very expensive. Luckily I was prepared for the shock!" (user in Amsterdam)

"It's a good thing that Taxigram has a list of destinations to visit. I can see it’s not an automatically generated list since there are many destinations that are not available elsewhere like ice cream locations! I love ice cream!!" (user in New York)

"My driver told me that he didn’t know the destination. So I showed him the Taxigram main screen and he silently nudged his head and off we went. He saw the ride duration on the screen so he knew he couldn't take a longer route without letting me know" (user in London)

"I had a 4 hour stop in London during a business trip, I downloaded Taxigram and went on a short city trip with a cab. It was easy because I knew how long everything would be, where to go and what time I would be back to catch my plane” (traveller in London)
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