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Memo with PDCA framework to think easier. View your thought visually. It's like a bicycle for our minds.

The basic usage of this application is as follows.

1. Think of the content to note
· The target comes to mind, "get up early" ⇒Action
· What do you need to do forever 'Get up at 7 o'clock every morning' ⇒ Plan
· I did something "I overslept" ⇒ Do
· There is a reflection point "Because I slept twice" ⇒ Check

2. Tap the "+" button at the bottom of the PDCA Link memo screen, open the memo creation screen, enter a memo and tap "new" to create a memo.
· PDCA Phase ⇒ Enter according to the contents of step 1.
Plan⇒P, Do ⇒D, Check⇒C, Action⇒A
· Content Title ⇒ Enter the content of "~" in step 1.

3. Tap and open the created memo, the contents entered in step 2 will open. If you tap the "+" button to create a memo here, the memo created will be registered as a child memo.
Notes registered as child notes are displayed in the "List" field of the list screen of the home screen and the memo registered as a child note. In addition, you can create and register child notes in the procedure of 3.

4. According to step 3, if you want to display the systematic table of the contents of the child memo created, open the note you want as the starting point of the system table and tap the "List Branches" button to display the system tree.

5. About memo deletion
· To delete the created memo, open the target memo and tap the "Delete ..." button to delete it from the confirmation screen displayed.
· If you want to remove a memo displayed as a child memo from the List in the List (want to omit it from the child memo), you can delete it from the confirmation screen displayed by holding down the child memo displayed in the List .
· If you want to delete the created memo in batch, uninstall PDCA Link memo once.

6. About backup
There is no backup method currently.
This application is a local application of the smartphone. The information is stored only locally, and data is deleted when uninstalling the application.

7. About your request
We will review if there is a request, so please e-mail us to Twitter or the app's evaluation column or e-mail.

8. How to use for each case

Use case 1: remorse, Sican, penitence.
When scolded by the teacher, what would you do?
First, I think you will pursue the cause of the problem?
Then, if you was to determine the cause, you should be able to think about the improvement measures.
And, if you thought the improvements, you should be able to continue to improve planning.
And, if you stood the plan, you should be able to continue to implement the plan.
And, if you were running the plan, you should be able to pursue successful cause, the cause of the failure.
In this way, you should be able to continue to improve the action.

This app is to use the functions described in the section of function, to support the action improvement with PDCA.
Please try to use this app all means.

Use Case 2: thinking is not settled.
You there are times when sometimes fail, to pursue in each case cause, tired, or you do not stop to think on the way?

As a result, do you have trouble with the same problem over and over again?
Or, thinking the same problem over and over again, do you stop to think before the answer comes out?

As described above you is, it is recommended that you take notes.
Maybe, I think stop, think to stop, I think repeating this.
When you think about the same problem, it is good when there is a contrivance to recall a previous idea.

It is a good idea to take notes so that in particular the process of thinking can be seen.

OK, it was found whole.
Bad things do not say.
You can use this memo application, let's summarize the idea.
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