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Perching Birds is the perfect Bird Guide with more than 3000 birds in categories like Swallows and Martins, Ovenbirds , Chats and Flycatchers, Birds of Paradise, Honey eaters etc. Perching Birds has information on birds sounds with their unique foot structure and high quality pictures. Understanding these birds will give you a sense of freedom and love for nature!

Not only this, different types of Bird image Quiz is here to help you understand these Perching birds.

Perching Birds app is divided into following categories:-

Swallows and Martins
Chats and Flycatchers
Birds of Paradise
Honey eaters
Whipbirds and Relatives
Flowerpeckers and Berrypeckers
Thornbills and Gerygones
Antbirds and Antpittas
Weavers and Finches
Waxbills and Relatives
Old World Warblers
Tyrant Flycatchers
Butcherbirds and Shrikes
Bunting and Sparrows
Wagtails and Pipits
Orioles and Blackbirds
White-eyes birds
Australian Robins
New World Warblers etc.

Main Features:-

* Puzzle - If you know them, you ought to fix them up. Join the jumbled pieces to make a bird.
* Quiz - Three types of quiz of which there are two image based quiz and one text based quiz.
* Contribute - If you know a bird which is missing from this app, make sure to contribute it.
* EduBank℠ - A personal space for your favorite birds.
* Autoplay - Listen to all the terms and its meaning.
Perching Birds App with all the colorful and beautiful Perching Birds from around the world will amaze you. This app with Bird names and pictures is here to show you the colorful side of nature.

We make SMARTY apps, “Simple Masterly Approach to Refine Thinking" for YOU.

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