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Another rare bird swallow. The bird is difficult to find another bird to call the bird swallow bird voice to solve the problem here. Because it combines the sound of birds singing very well, there are definitely benefits. The sound of the birds singing will help to call the swallows.

Swallows or swallows or in the vertebrates. Plum feathers with backbone wings, the poultry floor is a bird in the family Hirundinidae.

Martin or Martins breed 3 times a year in mid January, early May, mid August. When they breed, they will immediately nest. One or two eggs, eggs and raising the baby to survive three months, then fly out of the nest to the food from the fifth to dusk. Mother and father create a nest with saliva is white, looks like a cup. The average weight of the nest is 8 grams. It takes 30-45 days to build the nest. It will breed at night after 5 days will begin to lay eggs first and 8 days will lay eggs 2 eggs (2 eggs each) 1.2 grams eggs will hatch in 21-29 days 1 week after hatching. The feathers will start and the 2 weeks will begin to nest. Parents and birds will find food. At 45 days of age (survival rate of 20% for birds based on natural caves, but survival rate for birds at 64.4%), and breeding at the age of 8 The breeding season is about 3 times a year, and it can live up to 12-15 years if the nest is kept before spawning. Fathers and mothers create new nest and postpone the laying of eggs (in a year to nest 2-3 per nest).
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