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Pheasant is a beautiful and colorful chicken. Popular people to play. People who are interested in finding out may have to go to the chicken. By bringing another chickens to call. Which is not easy to use, so pheasant phonetically, so it is with the pheasant phonetic mp3 to the mobile. You go to Pheasant just bring this app. When the target area is opened, open it. Speaker mobile as loud as possible. Pick the pheasant sound you want and turn it on and wait a moment. Pheasant's goal is to imagine that. The same will come out.

Pheasants (English: Pheasants; Isan: Right Chicken) is the common name of many species of birds in the pheasant and pheasant family. (Phasianidae) are in the Phasianinae family.

The pheasant is shaped like a chicken house. The beak and legs are very strong features are male with long tail. And colors more beautiful than females. The difference between sex is obvious. Fly in short distances, nest on the ground, eat seeds, ripe fruits and insects as food.

Pheasant is a bird used by humans as meat. And popular as a pet. There are many kinds of expensive.
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