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Of course, many of us want to hide images from the device in a safe to Prevent anyone else from see it. this application gives you the ability to hide photos easily and with many wonderful features
⭐ The application does not store images on your device , but on a server secure with A Password of your creation so that nobody can recovere your pictures in case of theft your device
⭐ No one can change your password even if they know it
⭐ Save image space from your device
⭐ Few ads are negligible
If you want to hide the files from the device so that no one else if you are in the right place because most applications hide files and images situation may hide images from the Istidwa only, but does not hide images from the phone when someone stole your phone may restore the images or Hidden and easy access to it, but the application of concealment of images This offers you the feature of hiding pictures from the phone and not complete from the studio only so that it is impossible for any thief restore them, the application of concealment of images This is to capture images from your computer in a safe way stored in the server secure the password of your creation and this feature allows you Also restore If you steal your device while at the same time you hide the images in a final way, even if someone stole the device, you will find only a phone free of all your personal pictures. The application of Hide Photos is a very safe and effective application that enables you to hide images easily and smoothly in a short time. While also providing the size of personal images from your device easily and free, also apply the concealment of images completely free and a few ads almost negligible, and enjoy the application of hiding images with a high security feature prevents anyone from changing your password even in the case of knowledge to ensure you a high level of security, Hide photos care about your privacy and appreciate your privacy Our servers are carefully guarded so that you can safely store your images away from any unauthorized access attempts. In our application, storing images all your photos will remain secure. No one can recover your photos without your permission. Once you steal the phone, you can install the application in the new phone and log on with the old password. Without any problems, our application of image concealment is characterized by the ease and speed of concealment with continuous support and periodic updates, and also the application of concealment of images is suitable for all types of Internet because it is a light size suitable for all. If you have any suggestions please feel free to send us feedback.
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