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Picker for Dota 2: Heroes counter pick was designed for players by players. This app helps you to build your counter pick properly based on dota buff statistic and update the database daily.

This is a guide for Dota 2 fans; you will easily know how to beat pudge, phantom lancer or invoker.

This tool allows choosing the best heroes to play against opponent team considering counter pick and synergy combined.

- Favorite list of characters of Dota 2 (customizable)
- Detailed mmr based recommendation
- Team win chance (dota 2 lounge)
- Ban recommendations for CM Dota2
- Roles sorting
- Lanes sorting
- Worst against heroes database
- Draft suggestions based on enemy counter and team synergy statistical scores

Furthermore, dota 2 counter pick like a guide has a few useful spreadsheets to make your build more flexible and more appropriate for your strategy and armory. So you will be able to sort characters by roles (Carry, Disabler, Initiator, Nuker, Pusher, Support, Ganker, Durable) or lanes (Carry, Support, Mid, Offlane, Jungle, Roamer).

Dotabuff provides detailed statistic for every hero, items, builds and many others so we can analyze this dita and suggest the best option to you.

Short instruction for dota 2 wiki picker:
1. Grid or ABC menu. Choose the already known heroes or the first one.
2. Click any character and choose: team or enemy
3. Click the “Recommended” menu. You will see the list that is sorted in order from best to worst for your team.
You can sort by attack type (melee/ranged); by lines (mid, safe, hardlane..); by roles ( carry, support, jungler, pusher, etc..).
4. Choose the character, and then go to Grid/ABC menu pick the enemy and come back to “Recommended” and check the updated list.

Hero menu:
User can customize this companion for Dota 2 for own convenience. Each hero has an option “Favorite”, “No matter” and “Dislike”. You may note each to make the app to suggest only FAVORITE and hide DISLIKED.
After this customizations in “Recommended pick” menu click “Favorites” button and choose needed option.

Our number one aim is to provide as much dota 2 wiki information as possible so that you can decide to play from a smaller amount of characters. In such way we help you to feel comfortable in play session and at the same time to give you a statistical advantage.

Besides many of other factors and guides, you may customize you favorite list to make the app most approach your style.

In the beginning of the game you should think what armory will you and your team buys, what the line and the role should each of you play.

But even if you use counter pick for Dita 2 mobile it doesn't mean your move is the last. You may leave this for carry or mider to get them pudge or invoker in a best way.

Try to do a conclusion after the game. Think about the mistakes and what were done well. Certainly this will do your skill better not a guides or cheats.

Let as become your best Dota 2 companion friend.
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