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 Piping Friction Loss Calc 1.21

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Oxcore Engineering solves the Colebrook-White equation through a user-friendly interface. This program calculates the friction head loss for piping and displays the associated results at the desired water temperature. This program works for all single phase homogeneous fluids.

The Colebrook-White equation is solved utilizing an iterative algorithm to find the friction factor. The Darcy-Weisbach equation is then used to determine the head loss for the associated friction factor. The calculator works in both Metric and Imperial units and the user can select a preferred unit system. Water density and viscosity are automatically calculated from built-in functions that allow for substantial time savings vs conventional methods.

The program also allows for calculations using liquids other than water. The user can enter the desired density and dynamic viscosity for any particular single phase homogeneous liquid.

The user interface currently support German and English. Instructions and related information is included to help the user complete the input fields correctly. The required inputs are as follows:

Fluid Flow Rate
Absolute Roughness of Pipe
Internal Pipe Diameter
Pipe Length

The following input units can be selected and used for calculations:

Temperature: fahrenheit, rankine, celsius, kelvin
Density: lb/ft^3, lb/in^3, g/cm^3, kg/m^3, specific gravity
Dynamic Viscosity: lbf*s/ft^2E-5, centipoise (cP)
Kinematic Viscosity: centistokes (cSt)
Internal Pipe Diameter: inches, feet, mm, cm
Flowrate: gallon per minute (gpm), barrel per hour (bph), barrel per day (bpd), ft^3/hr, liter per minute (lpm), m^3/hr
Pipe Length: feet, inches, miles, meters, centimeters, kilometers
Abs Roughness: inches, feet, mm, cm

The program outputs the following information:

Friction Factor
Kinematic Viscosity
Reynold's Number
Water Density
Mass Flow Rate
Hydraulic Horsepower
Flow Regime
Head Loss
Pressure Loss

The program is valid for water temperature range: 32F (0C) - 212F (100C)
The range for the Absolute Roughness is user defined with a reference table included.

Material Reference: Cameron Hydraulic Data - 19th Edition

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