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 Pirate Ninja Hunter Games C18b

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The ninja is on the prowl. His motives are inspired by the acts of piracy. The luster and clang of gold causes a Mephistophelean glint to light up his eyes. This game ensconces you in the role of this deadly ninja pirate and allows your crudest emotions to get a free rein. Roam about with your predatory motives and get about assassinating those with the coins. Pirate Ninja Hunter game is sheer thrill to play and keeps you engrossed. You have to measure up to the agility of the Ninja with your expert finger moves on the screen. The soldiers of the king are behind you. The longevity of your character depends on the deftness with which you maneuver the ninja on the screen and strategically plan out your moves. You have to efficiently vault over the obstacles in your path and intuitively sense the intentions of the soldiers, if you want to stay alive and continue with your plundering. This game tests the resilience of your nerves and promises tons of fun.

The game has been created to overwhelm your senses with sheer gaming delight. The game embraces a holistic approach and is a masterpiece to keep you entertained. This game would certainly prove to be the ace of all Ninja games you may have played till date. Gory game playing has been taken to the next level with this game. The thrill in the air is palpable. Your entire being will become imbued in cool delight with this game. Intense drama woven in the game.

Game features:
•Fabulous graphics
•Authentic re-creation of China of the yore
•Awesome atmospherics
•Lethal weapons
•360 degree view of the battlefield
•Intuitive controls
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