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Designers rejoice! Share and sell your most lit designs with the world on premium everyday products.
Art lovers celebrate! Get your hands on the coolest designs out there on not-available-anywhere-else custom items.

PixApp is a global community-based mobile marketplace for custom merchandise which lets anyone with a smartphone apply their own unique designs (or photos!) on stuff you would use almost everyday.
As a very community-centric platform, easily discover, follow, interact and shop from friends, family, independant artists, graphic wizards, illustrator rebels and all other breeds of visual creatives out there. The PixApp community, also known as Pixers, is essentially a network of passionate zealots who are dedicated to our mission of connecting the world through creative AF works on custom merchandise.
It’s not just centered around creation and the sale of products, but also on artistry, positivity and inspired ideas.

Creators would upload designs and photographs onto the app, and select from a list of premium products to have it printed on. They would then set a price for what they would want to charge for their creation (based on the profit they want to make) and post it in their store. There are social media sharing functions to help promote the artwork too.
When an item is sold, PixApp takes care of everything from inventory, ordering, printing, delivery and customer support, and then pays the seller according to the set price/profit made. All PixApp products are printed on demand so there is no commitment and risk.

Art lovers enjoy the benefit of searching for their prefered styles and talents via categories, feature creator suggestions and even hashtags. PixApp aims to get your orders right to you in just 7 days (that’s working days mind you) and we ship to all corners of the earth.

- Tote Bags
- Art Canvas
- T-Shirts
- Mugs
- Framed Prints
- Phone Cases
- Desktop Plaques
- Metal Prints
- Posters
- Coasters
- Magnets

Bring your ideas to life - Bringing your creative ideas to life with on-demand manufacturing of merchandise, and selling them through your online store and letting us take care of all the nitty gritty.

No Hassle - We take care of the ordering, printing, customer support, returns and exchanges, shipping and inventory. All you need to do is to upload your photos/designs.

No Commitment, No Risk - We only manufacture what is actually sold. Our production line is highly optimized to keep the cost insanely low.

Hands-Off - Shoot and forget. Set up a store, describe the products, and you’re done! The more you promote the store, the better.

Superior Quality - Great design takes great effort. That’s why we offer exclusive range of high quality products.

Reliable Payouts - Get paid on-time, consistently and worry-free as payment matters are transparent to no one else but you.

Professional Setting - All designs/photos goes through our filter/approving stage, and we only maintain high quality users.

Cashless, Paperless Transactions - Apart from you physically withdrawing money from an ATM, absolutely everything is digitised.

You can get hold of our league of customer service champs through ask@pixapp.com.
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