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 Pixel Ninja Gaiden ~Retro Shinobi Story~ 1.2

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Story introduction: Dark Devil comes, bringing endless chaos and darkness, the evil demon combined with the Dark Ninja Corps, wreak havoc, kill and looting everywhere, the human world into a crisis. On the verge of death, the mysterious Dragon Ninja appeared,Use the power of Sword Kobayashi and Ninjutsu, He will destroy the Dark Ninja Corps and demons. You will control the Dragon Ninja, Use Sword Kobayashi and Ninjutsu, become a demon slayer! The best 2D action games ever on the console gaming platform, today revived on the mobile gaming platform, new stories, new levels chapters, new enemies and Boss challenges, and more actionable games for mobile gaming platforms.

How to play:
1 Game Type: This game is a 2D platform action game, control characters move in the level and fight with enemies and Boss;
2 Game Operation: game screen provide virtual buttons, front and back button control move, attack button waving sword to attack the enemy, Ninjutsu button to start ninjutsu skill, jump button control ninja jump and wall jump;
3 Ordinary enemy battle: Each level has much different styles enemies, each enemy has its own unique attack and counterattack weaknesses. Use Sword Kobayashi and Ninjutsu just One-off attack, enemy will be killed;
4 Boss battle: Boss is very strong and has high attack power, Dragon Ninja must pay attention to evade Boss attacks, and then find the right time to counterattack with Sword Kobayashi or Ninjutsu;
5 Ninjutsu props: Dragon Ninja need to consume Ninjutsu endurance, in the game scene, you can touch the Ninjutsu props to increase the Ninjutsu endurance;
6 Blood props: Fight with enemy, Dragon Ninja will lose blood endurance, in the game scene,you can touch the Blood props to increase the Blood endurance;

Game Features:
1 Using realistic style pixel arts, the game feel both retro and real, the game art is a leader in pixel games;
2 Game operation closer to the host 2D platform adventure games, based on the reference classic games, mobile games for the platform to do the necessary simplification and optimization, the use of virtual keys can also be completed precise game operation;
3 Refreshing ninja killing sense of killing, Dragon Ninja run and jump in the scene;
4 Difficult Boss battle, Boss blood thick, high attack, extremely challenging;
5 Very immersive background music, immersing players in the beautiful game scenes and combat experience among them;
6 Rich levels of content, provides 12 different levels of the game, 3 Boss battle, follow-up weekly to update a new level, every month to update a new Boss battle;
7 Rich ninjutsu system, currently offering Shuriken skill, the follow-up will be the introduction of the flame array, wind knife, ghost fire, shadow avatar and other endurance skills;

Conclusion: The peak of the 90's action game in this rebirth, hurry to download experience! If this game can arouse your love of action games, keep watching the latest content of the game.
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