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This app Contains life of our Beloved Prophet Hazarat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in urdu language
An urdu written image text of the Life of Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Click on any of the index list to begin with it.
Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was regarded as the last and perfect Prophet, not only the Muslims but
also the non-muslims accept His (pbuh) unchallenged place in Islamic history.

hazrat muhammad ki zindagi
hazrat imam hussan
hazrat ali ke batain
hazrat muhammad ke batain
rasool Allah Ke Batain
nabi ke batain
hazor s.a.w ke batain
Seerah of Prophet Muhammad
City Makah and Prophet Ibrahim
Family tree of Prophet Muhammad
Birth of Prophet Muhammad
preaching of Islam
Prophet Muhammad migration to Madinah
Prophet Muhammad Madinah's life
Prophet Muhammad Battles against Enemies of Islam
Battle of Khaybar
Conquer of Makkah
Battle of Hunain
last hajj of Prophet Muhammad
Last days of Prophet Muhammad
Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W Ka Bachpan

Beautiful Sunnah’s of RasulAllah to do everyday.

1.When first waking up in the morning .

2.Sunnah of Going to the Bathroom (Toilet) .

3.Virtues of using Miswaak .

4. Performing Wudhu (Ablution).

5.Method of performing Ghusl (Bathing) .

6.Dressing .

7.Regarding Hair, moustache, beard and nails .

8.Pertaining to Hair .

9.Prescribed Times for the Five Daily Salaah(Namaz/Prayer) .

10.Praying Fajr Salaat .

11.Coming to and leaving the home .

12.Sunnat of the Masjid .

Calendar 2018
Islamic Calendar 2018
Urdu Jokes
urdu khaniyan
urdu stories
12 rabul awwal
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