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PlayNice is a new app allowing you to protect yourself online using the same method celebrities use to “keep their privates, private”. When you meet someone on social media or a dating app, simply invite that person to sign a short confidentiality agreement on PlayNice that limits both of you from harming each other online. It’s so simple and proven in Hollywood. Without an agreement, people have the 1st amendment right to harm you online,

• Enjoy the freedom to text or send each other whatever you want without worrying about it being shared online, and hurting you
• Sign with your friends so they can’t send/post harmful photos or videos from that party you went to
• Protect each other and your university/employer from embarrassment
• Make sure NO future employer or friend sees embarrassing information online from someone you know that could have harmed you online
• Sign as many agreements as you want
• Access your lockbox of agreements at any time, as they don’t have an expiration date

In the event the agreement is broken, PlayNice will help you resolve the problem. We are here to help you solve the problem.

• First, we will send an official notice putting that person on alert that they have to remove the post and fix the problem before it goes viral or creates harm
• If it’s too late and the harm has been done, PlayNice will show you how to enter into arbitration, an inexpensive and private alternative to court, so the offender can be penalized financially if found guilty
• Knowing there is a penalty to harming you online, your co-signers should look at this as a deterrent, and think twice about breaking the agreement. It’s not worth it!

Enjoy yourself, explore new relationships and have the most fun without worrying that your actions will be used against you online and harm you for life.
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