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 Police Dog Crime Patrol Sniff 1.2

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The chase between the criminals and police takes a new twist, police dogs are being trained to eliminate the crime patrol and being trained for sniffing and chasing dangerous criminals. Use the police dogs and canine’s instinct to seize criminals and save the crime city!.

This game of police dog crime patrol sniff training is all about brave and courageous police dogs; the best breed is being trained as the police dog training school. These canines are trained for patrolling the crime city and to catch criminals and save the city from crime. Dogs like Dalmatian, greyhound, bullterrier, bulldog, Rottweiler, German shepherd, hounds, K-9 and K9 are special dogs used in the police dog training and patrol sniff simulator.

As a trained security police dog like Rottweiler, K9 or Greyhound officer, your duty is to keep an eye on any suspicious activity, be vigilant and fantastic police dog, your duty is to guard the subway, police stations, railway stations, airport security, bus stands, jail prison, keeping a watch on prisoners and criminals, defusing bombs, checking out suspicious bags containing drugs and illegal dangerous items. Be a perfect crime sniffer dog; Guard the border as police border security dog as secret agent police dog or a spy dog.

In police dog crime patrol sniff training, your mission is to chase the robbers, criminals, thugs, mafia and gangsters, sniff out bombs, prevent street crime and help police officers in keeping the city law and order situation. These police dogs and stunt dogs have great sense of smell sensitive keen ears. Your mission in this Police Dog Crime Patrol Sniffer dog K9 and Greyhound is to carry out various duties, deliver bags and stuff to other policemen and police stations, catch criminals and chase the prisoners as prisoner dog training. Pick up your favorite breed from various police dogs, greyhounds are wild dogs, they are fast and terrifying and can tear their targets into pieces.

These police dogs gets trained in various directions, catch those delinquents with weapons and illegal items. Feel the thrill ramp up when the bad guys escape. Play your role as the best dog trainee in police school and police academy for dog training and stunt jumping simulation. Its all about the brave police dogs to chase robbers, sniff and detect suspicious items, and prevent crime from the city streets and help police cops in keeping city free of criminals. Take a pick from your favorite breeds, including German shepherd and Rottweiler. Enjoy the excitement with this excellent game play in a realistic 3D city environment in Police Dog Crime Patrol Sniff.

This Police Dog Crime Patrol Sniff simulator is an awesome police dog training and stunt jump game that can be enjoyed by kids and toddlers and people of all ages. Dalmatian, greyhound, bull-terrier, bulldog, Rottweiler, German shepherd, hounds, K-9 and K9 dogs are best known for qualities such as agility, loyalty, aggression and of course their powerful sniffing and swift running and hunting techniques.

Chase down the bad terrorists in this police dog crime city 3D to become a fearless savior. This Police Dog Crime Patrol Sniffing dog is a cop dog trainer and is definitely the best game for people who love to catch criminals in police games.
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