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 Police for kids 2018 - New Release 1.0

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The application of the new police force is a fake invitation to the children's police to intimidate them and make them hear what you are saying to them. It is a nice police game for kids
👮 Children's Police Developer is an application to develop children's performance and reward them for their correct actions. Or punished for bad behavior
Baby hooligan, baby does not eat, baby does not want to go to school call the children's police developer now. Afraid of the police will apply your orders.
The Egyptian Child Police is an application that tries to correct the erroneous behavior of children. It is very similar to the real children's police

The new children's real police we covered the following behaviors:
- A child crying - Call a policeman to call the child to not cry and hear the words of parents.
- Unhealthy child - Call a policeman to call the child to the cleaner
- A child does not hear speech - A fake contact with a real voice to invite the child to hear the words of parents
Child does not eat - Games new baby police in order to persuade children to eat and drink and encourage them.
- Child lying - the voice of the police to scare the children of not lying and accustom to honesty.
Children 's Trouble - New Children' s Games in order to frighten the child for not being upset.
Children do not go to school
- A child does not bathe - Call the real children's police to raise him or the Egyptian children's police.
- Child does not sleep - do not call the police terrifying children
- Child not taught - Children's police 👮 Children's police developer - After hearing the child's call the police will do the study.

Children's Police Children's Police The application contains two parts:
● The naughty child section.
● Disturbed child section.

Call a fake police with the real voice of the police.
Place a fake call from the police kids. Children 's Games
Schedule time for a fake call.
Real voice mode when answering a call. It is similar to the real children's police
Choosing a police officer from the Egyptian Craftsmen's Exhibition or Police.

New Kids Police is a fun police game for kids, kids, kids, and police

Let your child enjoy a special allowance from the Children's Police (fake contact with real voice - phantom contact - let's pretend the police are kids) to reward him for the right actions if they do.
The new children 's police call fake to maim children rioters with several dialects and horrific monsters
Arab children's dialects to discipline children rioters interactive design without attractive Net

How many of us try to correct the performance and behavior of our children and direct them to the right, but over time and the older the child improves their behavior, but inevitably after the effort of high and large and persevering of parents to improve and modify these behaviors, we are the police children offer you the latest application to reward Your child when he / she is behaving properly and correctly.

Children Police is a police game and is the original version of this program through which you can laugh at the children through acting that you speak with a policeman who claims to be a policeman for children
Please use the app properly so that it does not harm your children

kids Police
Children 's Police Game The terrifying children' s police are not afraid of ordinary kids' police and monster kids
The most frightening children 's police issued by the children' s police were more terrifying than the Gulf, Egyptian and Shamya dialects

Game police children Gulf, Bahrain and Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar
Egyptian Children 's Game

*** *** Disclaimer: Invitation only fake and there is no contact with the police children. It's just a fake call and a real bug. *** *** ***
Please use the app properly so that it does not harm your children.
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