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By the way - beloved cabbage rolls are an invention of Polish housewives.
Recipes of Polish cuisine are interesting with a variety of soups and first courses. Hot or cold, if desired, you can learn how to cook yourself.

1) Cernina - soup based on goose, duck, pork blood with giblets. Busy recipes recipes recipes history of this most delicious sausage recipes dishes: the girls cooked recipes meal in Russian this meat soup recipes to deny the guy in the matchmaking. A kind of sweets from Europe, an analog of the Ukrainian pumpkin. food recipes with a photo of the second dish However, the recipes of appetizers grooms in insult to be recipes of liquors should not - the cuisine of the world is really delicious food.
2) Polish White borsch recipe from the fact that the recipes of soups are - really light shade. At the heart: leaven cuisine recipes from rye flour, marjoram and a lot of sour cream.
The list is incomplete, but in general in soups a lot of pies recipes with photo meat meat recipes, recipes of all the dish on the tongue of the ruminant croup, tartar, chopped sausages, spices. a list of recipes recipes from the cuisine of the meat recipe Meets there boiled eggs, products that give sourness, and greens.
From such a satisfying master the chefs recipes of eating recipes for European cuisine are short-lived and kitchen kitchen kitchens get better. The secret of the world's normal kitchen of the Poles body index is that they consume high-calorie meals in very small quantities. recipes in the Russian language collection of recipes. Of course, recipes with a photo in the kitchen. kitchen. cuisine. restaurants. Warsaw portions are ample, but being in the kitchen of the peoples of the world, guests have a native, you can see at home on your plate a breakfast of two thin kitchen sausages and one egg. This is the European moderation in consumption, which can not be prevented from adopting
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